Brand new epic drums library for KONTAKT - Epic Percussion 3
Brand new epic drums library for KONTAKT - Epic Percussion 3
Brand new epic drums library for KONTAKT - Epic Percussion 3


Check out a selection of our KONTAKT instruments that have proven to be great sounding and have become the choice of many professional composers around the world.



We are constantly working on adding new features, patches and improvements to our released libraries. Check for the latest updates to make sure you are using the latest version of your library.



We are constantly working on new libraries and try not to waste time. But our main mission is to give you the instruments you really need. We would be grateful for any feedback or suggestion!. Feel free to write to us, we really need your opinion.

KONTAKT Libraries

Guitar Strum

$57.00 $15.00

Acoustic rhythm guitar where the chords are not programmed,
but sampled entirely


$39.00 $12.00

One of the most popular ukulele Kontakt library,
it's sound is the reason


$78.00 $19.00

Plunge into the neon world of the 80s with the
most popular sounds and instruments of the time



Concert wooden xylophone recorded on a
stereo pair



Large concert vibraphone that is perfect
for classical arrangements


From composers to composers

Everybody who makes our libraries are sound engineers and composers themselves. We understand how should look an instruments which is easy to work with.

Professional record

Our libraries are only made by professional musicians. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to use their craftsmanship without leaving studio.

High quality

We apply “A” Class Equipment only. We’re trying to get instrument’s sound the way it really is.

Idea and concept

We aren’t just sampling available for us instruments, we want to make sound libraries more accessible and variable for users. If you have an idea what kind of instrument you would like to see among our products, please, direct us.