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Vocal Sample Libraries for Native Instruments KONTAKT

Voice mixing is one of the most difficult stages for sound producers during working process. Our ears are very sensitive to tunes and timber’s changing. Excessive or incorrect voice processing makes it sound unnatural. Voice sampling is more difficult goal. Producers of samples’ libraries have been making them better for years. Despite technical elaboration of vocal libraries’ production, many sound engineers have achieved an incredible sound.
Here’s some vocal libraries that have gained recognition by many composers and supervisors all over the world:

1. Big Fish Audio - Shevannai: the Voices of Elves

A perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambience and music for films, documentaries, video games and new age music. Shevannai is a unique solo vocal library aimed at easily creating your own ultra-realistic melodies, without using any phrases. Thanks to over 4,000 carefully recorded and wisely programmed samples by Eduardo Tarilonte, handling the 5 true legato types and 33 words, is intuitively easy.

2. Splash Sound – Indie Voices

This vocal library for KONTAKT is perfectly suitable for Indie, Folk and Rock music. All notes were written with different articulations which give you an opportunity to create vocal part that will sound like it was recorded in one take. In addition to a main instrument there’s set of 21 shouts and vocal pad in the library.

3. Soundiron – Voices Of Gaia

Voices Of Gaia is a dynamic and exploratory world, soundtrack and indie solo vocalist collection for Kontakt, featuring 4 outstanding singers ranging from baritone to mezzo-soprano. Each singer includes fundamental chromatic articulations like true legato, sustains, and staccatos as well as thousands of beautiful, dynamics live performance phrases in a variety of keys, tempos and styles. It features the voices of Francesca Genco, Linda Strawberry, Bryan Lane and Michael Peaslee.

4. Realitone - Realvox Ladies

A vocal sample library you can play on your keyboard that sounds smooth and real. Whether for pop or film scoring, leads or background female vocals, Realivox gives you top session singers at your fingertips.

5. Big Werks - Key Vocals

This library has over 100 total ambient, distorted, & creative vocals guaranteed to add a unique style to your music production